How to and why creating online events on Even3

Have you ever thought of bringing together thousands of people interested in a common subject without having to make them leave home? With online events, also called digital events, this is possible!

Today, I’ll show you how to create online events on Even3.

In addition to explaining the benefits to broadcast your event through a platform that was created with the aim of making life easier for event organizers.

We have managed to bring together science, knowledge and technology in the same environment.

All so that you can run your academic and scientific event maintaining the standard of a in-person event, while doing it completely online! From the opening of registrations to the issuance of event certificates.

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What changes from an in-person event to a digital event?

Creating an online event involves pretty much the same steps to create an event in the in-person format. It is necessary to plan it, think of a topic, set up an organizing committee, delegate roles and activities…

The big difference is that, in a in-person event, you would have to book a place, organize the rooms, check if all the speakers are confirmed, receive the attendees and take care of the cleanliness of the environment.

Those activities that involve suppliers, for example, most often cease to exist.

Therefore, the planning time of the online event tends to decrease.

If for the in-person event we recommend that planning should begin about 6 months in advance, for online you can reduce this time to 3 months!

And although you do not need to rent a space to receive attendees and speakers, you need to think about the virtual environment in which these lectures will take place.

With an events platform like Even3, you can maximize the experience of organizing and attending online events. I’ll show you how.

How to create online events on Even3?

Thinking of meeting the needs of online events or digital events, we created the Online Streaming environment on our platform.

There, the organizer can select the online streaming format that will be adopted at the event. We offer 4 types of streaming: video conferencing, live video, recorded video and Even3 Streaming.

Video conferencing on Even3

In general, videoconferencing is the format in which all those registered for the event and also the speakers are gathered in the same environment, known as a virtual room. In it multiple interactions happen.

Video conferencing is very simple to organize! Just create the room and invite people, however, not everything is controllable in the environment. So, you may have to deal with unwanted images, conversations, and noise during a lecture.

Video conferencing is especially suitable for events or activities that have fewer people, such as courses and workshops for example. In them, the contact between speakers and attendees is usually much closer and, therefore, the videoconference format is an excellent option.

On Even3, it is very simple to organize a video conference. You can do it through tools like:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Skype Meet Now
  • Cisco Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • And more!

After choosing the video tool, just make the virtual room access link available to those registered for the event. They will be able to access the link directly from the Online Streaming menu.

Live video on Even3

On the live video, recording and transmission happen simultaneously. Live video is commonly known only as live and is the “darling” of opening lectures of events.

It is suitable for events that have only one lecture or for short-term activities. This is because being live, it is more susceptible to failures, such as internet connection failures, for example.

On Even3, the organizer can live stream using tools such as:

  • Youtube Live
  • Vimeo
  • Twitch
  • Vídeo RNP.

Upon releasing the streaming, attendees will be able to follow it if they are enrolled on that activity. They just need to follow the Online Streaming menu of the platform.

The great advantage here is that the attendee can follow the streaming directly from the Even3 platform, without distractions from ads and other videos from external environments.

Interactions can happen directly on the Even3 platform and in real time, if the organizer enables the Comments option. The comments are just below the video and the organizer is free to fix and delete those he deems necessary.

In addition, for easy visualization, whenever one of the organizers comments, their name will receive a prominent tag.

Also keeping in mind that a positive point of the live streaming is that the speaker has the possibility to answer questions on video, either during the transmission of the addressed subjects or by separating a moment at the end of the lecture just for interaction.

Recorded streaming on Even3

On the other hand, the recorded video is indicated for events that have more than one lecture or for those who have more time to record and produce the content, editing it and leaving the image and audio with a better treatment.

Recorded content is available longer to attendees, so they can watch at the best time for them. For recorded video, Even3 currently offers support for the following tools:

  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Loom
  • Cloudinary
  • Twitch
  • Vídeo RNP

The interaction is not impaired in the recorded event! That’s because the comments section is also available for this event format. Then, attendees can ask questions, make comments and give feedback about the event.

This is a way to allow interaction between attendees and between attendees and speakers in real time and also to give warnings, communications, etc.

Even3 Streaming

Even3 Streaming was developed with the security of your event’s streaming in mind. Imagine streaming a paid event where the link is shared with people not registered on the event? Frustrating, right?

Therefore, on Even3 Streaming, only registered attendees in the event have access to the streaming. In addition, because the video is hosted on our platform, it does not have the risk of being off the air during the event. An extra ease for the organization of the event.

Tem interesse em contratar essa funcionalidade e atribuir mais segurança ao seu evento? Converse com uma de nossas especialistas!

Why organizing online events on Even3?

With Even3, organizing online events has never been easier. We have features designed for each stage of the event.

Have your own website for your event

With Even3, you can create a unique website for your event. In it, you can include all the information regarding the schedule and the speakers who will be a part of your event.

As well as disclose the date of the opening and closing of the submissions, if your event contemplates this activity.

Having a website for the event is a great way to convey credibility and reference to the academic environment, as well as a chance to make your event known to more people. So, be sure to publicize the event website on your social networks and share it with friends!

After all, it is the gateway to receiving event registrations =)

Get to know who registered

Paid or free events, it doesn’t matter! Opening registrations is an excellent way to get to know better who will, in fact, participate in your event and who is interested in your content.

On the Even3 platform, you can enable forms that must be answered by the audience at the time of registration. The questions are fully customizable, so who chooses it is you, the organizer, who has the power to choose! Everything to meet the specific needs of your event.

On Even3, you can set up registrations by:

  • Categories (Students, General, Teachers, Associates…)
  • Batches (the amount varies according to the date of purchase)

And also establish discount coupons for attendees. Cool, isn’t it?

Manage event sales

For paid events, you can manage all the transactions that happen at your event from one place.

You can see the status of each purchase: pending payments and payments that have already been confirmed.

And the main thing: request the transfer of the available amount to your bank account even before the event is over! In up to a few days after the transfer request, the money will be in your account!

Create an organized and attractive schedule

On Even3, we have an entire menu dedicated to event activities: the schedule Menu.

In it, you will register everything that will be good at your event: lectures, round tables, webinars…

In the schedule, in addition to including the day and time of each activity, you can limit the number of attendees and define whether it will be paid or free.

Check in attendees to your online event

Checking in can also happen at online events! Thinking about this stage of the event, we offer the option of the organizer to carry out the check-in automatically in the activities or manually.

Receive submissions and elevate the scientific content of the event

On Even3, you can receive and manage all your event submissions. You can receive both scientific articles, abstracts and posters, as well as less usual formats in academia, such as photos, poetry and illustrations.

We provide up to 30 submissions per event for free. But, in case your event needs more, you can request the upgrade directly on the platform.

You will be able to distribute submissions among reviewers and establish evaluation criteria. Everything is done directly on the platform and in an automated way.

In the submissions menu, you can:

  • Establish the norms and rules of submission
  • Receive submissions and organize them by subject areas
  • Register as many modalities as necessary per event: posters, articles, abstracts, photos…
  • Receive submissions by form or by file
  • Evaluate the work received
  • Publicize the results of the submissions
  • And publish the proceedings of the event =)

Take a closer look at how our submissions module works.

Issue event certificates automatically

You no longer need to manually email the certificates to the attendees. On Even3, you can create the most varied types of certificates: for activities, for submission, for presentation of works and, of course, also for general participation in the event.

Filling out the certificate can be done rather quickly. Just choose a certificate template that conveys the identity of your event and decide which information cannot be left out of the document.

Then, just define who will receive them. When the event is over, you can make it available automatically, in just a few clicks.

Have you noticed how advantageous it is to have an event platform to streaming your event online?

With Even3, all stages of your event will take place in an integrated way, in one place, and with the support that only our team provides <3

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